The bidding phase of a project entails submitting the plans to each individual sub-contractor that will be potentially working for us.  Although the drawings contain the information required to build the project, we also submit to each of the subs a scope of work which further defines what we expect them to provide based on the plans as well as what we feel is required to complete a quality product. 

There are many sub-contractors that all do the same type of work, but there are only a few that can do quality work that meets our high standards.  We will obtain competitive bids for each area of construction so as to have choices between the sub-contractors based on cost as well as availability.

Once each sub-contractor submits their bid, we qualify their submittal to ensure that they are providing everything that is shown in the drawings as well as in our scope of work.  This qualification process further guarantees a complete proposal minimizing the possibility of change orders. 

Once we have all the sub-contractors in place, we provide to the client a detailed spreadsheet with costs and descriptions of every phase of construction process.  In addition, we provide complete specifications of each materials being used as well as possible cost saving changes.